Whitney Mixter The Real L WordWhitney is best known for her effortless charm and ability to swoon women as portrayed on Showtime’s ‘The Real L Word,’ and it is easy to see why these women fall.

East coast born and raised, Whitney has been making her mark on LA for the past 2 years. As a special effects make up artist, Whitney thrives off of creativity, art, and expression and maintains the concept on life of ‘living it.loving it. learning it.’




Some Whitney triviaWhitney Mixter The Real L Word

Zodiac sign: Leo

Middle Name: Lucy-Victoria

Height: 5’8″

Diet: Vegetarian

Occupation: Special FX makeup artist/Camera woman

Hair: Growing for 7 years

Fave foods: Coconut curry, Indian food

Fave beer: Red Stripe

Piercings: Snakebites, nipples, ears (7/16 gauges)

Fave tattoo: Ganesh

Pets: 5 dogs

Fave colors: Burgundy, olive, rust, browns

Education: Bachelor’s in Political Science and Women’s Studies