Rose Garcia The Real L Word

Here is what people are saying about Juicy Club LA

“I’ve been an avid club go’er for many many years. This by far is the GREATEST lesbian party Los Angeles has ever seen. Taking the ENTIRE lesbian community (all races, all styles, and all genres) and bringing them all together is epic. Juicy has managed to bring something for any and all lesbians in our community. That equals 1,000+ women EVERY month with 300 waiting in line. Whitney, Asha, and Lezlee have discovered the “secret sauce” and the ladies are coming from all over the globe to taste it. I’m very proud of them and look forward to this event every month.”

Rose Garcia – The Real L Word


Charlene Switch - Gimme Sugar“My experience at Juicy…

I didn’t know what I was walking into, and that’s the best part. You see TONS of girls and hear amazing music. As you walk from the hallway, to the stairs, to the forum, to the DANCE FLOOR; It’s an easy maze as you land into a crazy sexy enticing dance floor, filled with hundreds of women shakin’ their ass, throwin’ their hands up, and moving their bodies in a way that will pull you in….. AND KEEP YOU THERE.

“JUICY” comes with the hottest DJs in town that play the sickest beats. Whether you’re sitting, standing, moving, dancing, walking, or havin’ smoke, you’re body is constantly thumping, sweating, on its way to becoming hot and bothered by the surroundings of women and music.

Though I know the women that run JUICY, and am a local promoter, every first Saturday of the month, I am happy to be a paying customer. I will wait my ass in line just like everyone else, in anticipation for the most exciting bangin’ fun Saturday night. It’s definitely worth it. The line around the block proves it.

JUICY = Lick me clean and get me dirty all over again.

Charlene “Switch” – Gimme Sugar

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